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Shrink Wrap Season Begins Early!




Time is right for all our Captains and skippers to schedule their projects! We are out daily covering anything you want to protect this Winter. Call us or visit our page for price estimates! http://www.aquatechscuba.com/shrink-wrap/




Rescue and Open Water Diver courses!

Our season for group Scuba classes is finishing with a BANG! Before the season closes we are going to hold "NAUI Basic Scuba" class on September 9th 2020. Also begining in September we will be offering a "Naui Rescue Diver" course. Please contact the shop at 609-535-2445 

Another New Jersey Wreck Diver!

The 1st day of August was a great dive day. We congratulate our newest wreck diver Nicole! Our Advanced dive students enjoyed a beutiful day with calm seas, and little dinner made it back on the boat as well. Our next Basic Class begins August 19th. Sign up today and start diving! Theres a lot to do right here at home. Thanks to the captain and crew of the Dina Dee II for another Fun Day.




Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Our Next Basic class begins on Wednesday July 8th and a few spots remain. You can sign up here,https://aquatechscuba.square.site/product/gear-and-go-scuba-class/5?cs=true  and we will be sure to contact you after the holiday! We hope everyone has a safe weekend in the heat and on the water! Rememeber, divers always wear a mask, Its no big deal!... Stay safe

It's Time to Dive!



We are happy to say Aquatech is still here and ready to dive! Our next basic class begins July 8th. The charter boat is ready to  leave the dock this weekend and we have a trip going out June 28th! With travel restricted around the globe, now is a great time to come out and enjoy New Jersey wreck Diving! Our Advanced diver class begins friday evening on the 26th of June. Please sign up and lets finally  distance ourselves from DRY LAND! Time to Dive and Ill see you on the bottom!





Aquatech is Open

Aquatech has been named an essential contractor and supplier of Department of Defense supply chain. We are open and excepting service work and students. Our group classes may  be limited  but we will begin teaching unlimited private classes in a matter of weeks. We are excepting students currently for all classes.  A backlog is already building   for service work.  If you have plans on diving this season, dont delay. Last minute drop offs will result in dives missed when the charters finally begin to leave the docks!

April Basic Class


We are now scheduling our April Basic class.We no long participate in e-learning courses. After trying this training for years we realized it producers undesirable results! Learn to be a better Diver and get more for your buck by participating in a class, not just an orientation! Learn to be a NJ wreck diver or even take our Advanced course this June! We love to explore the NJ wrecks, Spear fish or bring home the lobster! https://aquatechscuba.square.site/product/gear-and-go-scuba-class/5?cs=true click this link to sign up for our next class.

Winter Nitrox Class

Just in Time for your spring trip or the up commig season! Our Nitrox class is scheduled for Feb. 13th and 27th. Just two classes is all it takes to change your divning experience forever. You'll increase the amount of dives you can wisely do in a day. Experience less fatigue!. Enjoy longer bottom tmes. sign up is easy with this link! https://squareup.com/store/aquatechscuba/item/nitrox-diver Space is limited dont hesitate!



2020 dive season classes are being scheduled!

Our first open water class for the 2020 dive season begins in March. Check out our calendar for dates and other activities as we update them weekly. You can also navigate to our online shop to enroll and save your spot in our next class. Please feel free to call us with any questions  about our various courses and check out our trip to cozumel Mexico for divers, students, and non-divers a like!


Happy New Year 2020!


Welcome in the roaring 20's! Aquatech and A.S.R are looking forward to a great Year. Now that our Boat captains have Tucked away their Vessels for the long winter Its time to think about Travel and Diving. We are currently working on equipment Maintenance. and end of year task! Our 2020 training season is just around the corner begining in February! Contact us now to get on the list for our up coming classes just in time for your spring break getaways!  We wish Everyone a safe and Happy New Year!


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