NAUI Underwater Photography

One of the best parts of scuba diving is sharing what you've seen with your friends & family. However, if they've stayed "dry" while you dove, you'll need to bring back photographs or video. This introductory workshop will introduce you to the basics of underwater photography, including the importance of good buoyancy control. You'll have fun working with underwater cameras in the pool, and see your results on film!

Course Price: $195.00 includes all course materials plus reusable underwater camera good to 135 feet. If you have your own U/W Camera the price of this course is $145.00.

Course Requirements: 12 Hours Instruction, 6 Hours pool, 2 open water photo dives at Dutch Springs (separate fees apply)

Prerequisites: Open Water or above Dive Certification. Min. age 15.

Equipment Required: Students are responsible to furnish their own standard diving equipment, dive slate and suitable dive light required.

Instructor: Lou McCall


Classroom Dates/Course Outline:

Day 1 - Classroom

• Introduction to Course
• Preparing and Maintaining Your Camera System
• Test

Day 2 - Pool

• Practice what was learned

Day 3 - Classroom

• How Your Camera System Works
• Guidelines to Powerful Composition
• Test

Day 4 - Classroom

• Problems and Problem Solving
• Approaching Marine Life and Photographing Your Dive Buddies
• Test

Day 5 - Pool

• Practice what was learned

Day 2 - Dutch Springs

• Two dives with photography equipment required